Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tuesday Teaser


This is a short excerpt from Frost's Bite, #3 in the Mystic Bay series

He honestly didn’t see how Paul and Andy made their relationship work since it was incredibly rare for a Guardian to have a mate, and Andy was not Paul’s. What would Paul do if one day Andy found that one person who belonged to him?

Guardians were so long-lived, they were practically immortal, and aging stopped around thirty or so. Very few paranormal lifespans lasted as long as theirs.

Vampires lived as long as they did, but they were the undead. Half their existence was spent avoiding the sun, silver, and pointy objects. Then there was the drinking blood thing. Plus, most were arrogant beyond belief.

Merfolk fell into the long lifespan category, but, generally speaking, they were assholes who’d just as soon drown you as look at you. There were two kinds, but only those who could transform into a more human appearance ventured onto land, usually to unleash chaos upon unexpecting humans.

Then there were the Reapers, or Angels of Death as some called them, and they frankly spooked Jonas. They were generally impartial; neither good or bad. A Reaper transported souls from the physical world to the afterlife—there was no Heaven and Hell as humans believed.

They were one of the few paranormals who could restore life, but if they did, another one was forfeited. They were eternal and creepy as hell. Not to mention they carried a scythe, something no Guardian wanted near since it could not only kill them, but also destroy their soul—a true death—if the Reaper so chose. There was no coming back from that.

Long lifespans were why this thing with Nicholas confused him. There was no way he was Jonas’s mate, regardless of the golden thread he saw. Nicholas might be a paranormal, but elementals lived only a few hundred years, like werewolves.