Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Tuesday Teaser

This is a short excerpt from Frost's Bite, #3 in the Mystic Bay series

The tips of Jonas’s ears burned as blood rushed to his face. Shit, shit, shit. If Nicholas could scent him, then everybody around them most likely could too.

“It smells like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies—a rich aroma with a hint of cocoa, sugary dough, and butter that intoxicate the senses.”

Jonas shivered at the heat in those words. His desire smelled like cookies? Why had no one ever told him that? Was that a good thing or not?

“It calls to me. Makes me want to devour you.”

Jonas’s cock perked all the way up at the need in those words. He was all for devouring. Absolutely. His cock was on board with the idea too. Nicholas could start there, in fact.

He’d kill to see those pink lips stretched around his dick. Unable to help himself, he stared at the oddly swirling colors in Nicholas’s gaze. So pretty. So… memorizing. He swayed toward Nicholas.

“Your gaze, it heats me up.”

Jonas swallowed roughly. The predatory hunger in Nicholas’s gaze excited Jonas, sending sharp spikes of need through his body. Inches apart, their breath mingling, he threw caution to the wind and leaned toward Nicholas.