Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tuesday Teaser


This is a short excerpt from Frost's Bite, #3 in the Mystic Bay series

 At three hundred years old, this was not the first man Jonas had been with, so what was happening to him? Nicholas completely took him over. That had never happened. He never allowed it, but he liked it. A lot. He wanted to give everything to Nicholas. 

When Nicholas nudged Jonas’s head to the side and nibbled a path down his neck, he willingly bared his throat. He moaned when Nicholas sucked hard, marking him. Something pressed against his skin, and he squirmed from an odd stinging sensation. 

Electricity jumped between them, and Jonas clutched at Nicholas as the desire between them swirled. He wanted to feel Nicholas’s hands all over his body, feel him pushing his cock inside him, feel his heart beating against his. His spirit reached for the one who belong to him and—

“Hey! Don’t make me get the water hose after you two,” Andy yelled, amusement heavy in his voice.