Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Fire Court of San DeLain info


Hudson Redmond – dragon; King of the Fire Court of San DeLain; Hudson’s home is called Redmond Compound. Considered an Ancient by other paranormals mainly because of his age (a thousand years old). His court has 40 members.

Hudson owns a helicopter and can fly it. Did in book #1 Daemons of San DeLain; owns a private jet too which Kage and Austin are using to go to Greece right now

Dragons tend to take what they want, including humans. And yet dragons whined about how their chosen mates often fought them in the beginning. 

A dragon can extend a human’s live by giving them their blood like the daemon do. Dragons are born(hatched) not changed, so you can’t turn a human into a dragon. Dragons can only reproduce with another dragon because they lay eggs. In regard to red dragons: History says mates who are not dragon-born can withstand their red dragon fire.

Race, meaning skin color in human form, does not matter. It’s all about the hair color with Reds.

Dragons only need round 5 hrs of sleep, although they can sleep longer. They just don’t need it.

A group of dragons are called a court..

Hudson collects gold/gemstones (esp rubies)

Dragons have control over ALL types of fire. Like a fire in a fireplace, a flame from a candle, and so on. 

They can breathe fire in either form (Hudson burned a hunter in Chasing Shadows while in human form)

Dragons are magical creatures, so yes, reds can conjure fire in any form and do magic/spells

All Fire Court has shades of red hair and brown eyes. A trait of red dragons in human form 

They also love to fight and are the most powerful of the dragons.


Hatchling: birth to 99

Youngling: 100-499

Sir/Mistress: 500-699

Lord/Lady: 700 to 999

Grand Lord/Lady: 1000+ who not born king/queen

King/Queen must be born, they are a totally red dragon--sign they are a king or queen


 Hudson’s Human Form:

*Can partially shift body parts. Like eyes, claws, teeth and so on. Has this 3rd form which is the creepy grayish white form* 

Hair: long, deep red (auburn)

Eyes: brown

Skin: pale

Height: about 6’2

Scent: woodsy with an cedar undertone (like a bonfire)

Dragon Age: 1,000 (year 1022- this would be the year 1020 AD, a time during the late Middle Ages and only 46 years from the start of the medieval period with the arrival of William the conquer in 1066. For the average person, life during this time would be very difficult indeed and luck would play a huge part in your ability to survive.) Back then dragons mainly stayed in dragon form and hid from humans 

Human Age appearance: middle 30s 

Language: All dragons 1st language is Draconian; also speaks English, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, & Italian.

Hybrid Form*:


Hair: rope like

Eyes: dragon eye color now

Skin: grayish-white membrane-looking skin that is smooth and feels rubbery, also ropy and muscular 

Horns form in the upper forehead region

Pointed ears

No clothes in this form, but genitals are contained

Height: 7 foot. Taller than human form.

Dragon Form:

Fire dragons tend to be very large and fire-breathing

 Body: scaly creatures shaped like a lizard with four rotund, muscled legs sprouting from a stocky body. Long necks with horns. Ridges down back to the tail. Has huge leathery-like wings 

Scales: all red but do reflect the sun light so some look reddish gold 

Eyes: the iris of his eyes were a goldish red sunburst of color with black slitted pupils—like a cat or lizard. 

Height: big as a three-story house (he’s the biggest since he’s king) Non-royal dragons are as big as a 2-story house