Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday Teaser - Dragons of San DeLain


Conrad Turner (Connie)


Hair: short golden red-top is longer 

Eyes: brown 

Skin: pale with scruff 

Height: 6’ 

Dragon Age: 600 (so an older young adult dragon) 

Human Age appearance: late 20s/early 30s 

Scent: toasted marshmallows and cinnamon 


*Can partially shift body parts. Like eyes, claws, teeth and so on

Has a 3rd form which is the creepy grayish white form 

~his dragon collects art/gold 

~has his own cabin in the compound/does not live with Hudson right now; has his own vault for his hoard


Dragon Form:

~Fire dragons tend to be very large and fire-breathing 

Body: scaly creatures shaped like a lizard with four rotund, muscled legs sprouting from a stocky body. Long necks with horns. Ridges down back to the tail. Has huge leathery-like wings 

Scales: more of a golden red with golden scales 

Eyes: the iris of his eyes were a golden red sunburst of color with black slitted pupils—like a cat or lizard. 

Height: big as a two-story house

Hybrid Form*:

Hair: rope like 

Eyes: dragon eye color now 

Skin: grayish-white membrane-looking skin that is smooth and feels rubbery, also ropy and muscular 

Horns form in the upper forehead region 

Pointed ears 

No clothes in this form, but genitals are contained 

Height: 7 foot. Taller than human form. 

Language: speaks English, native language, French, German