Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday Teaser - Edge of Darkness notes



Name: Kit Meadows--Kit is nickname-full name is Kittappa (Kit-tappa)

Gender-fluid; bonded to Hudson and Connie but as of right now has no idea. Kit’s ex-boyfriend was Don; hunter. Tricked Kit which led to the attack on Austin and Kit finding out about the paranormal world. The ex has disappeared now after attack at Kit's bookstore. Kit is currently living at Hudson's compound for safety reasons. He as agreed to a sexual relationship with Connie and Hudson, not knowing just who he is to the two

Age: early 30s

Height/Weight: 5’10 and 170; tone and bendy

Scent: magnolias-floral and lemmony

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color and style: long, wavy light brown hair

Other distinguishing physical traits: none/wears makeup and sometimes has scruff

Clothing style/frequently worn clothes: likes to dress stylishly and edgy. Likes lace.

Physical imperfections: none

Race/Ethnic group: W

Occupation: owner of The Book Spot

Kit's parents: 

Grace (maiden name: Harper) Meadows

Dads: Chris Meadows and Michail Papadopoulos

~history: grew up in the The Ozarks or Ozark Mountains; a highland region that covers almost half of the state of Missouri. You can live off the land and still use various gadgets and appliances in communes. You can even log on to the Internet. Used solar power, farmed, raised animals for food, and so on. 

Kit has two dads and a mom. Very accepting of his Kit’s desire not to conform to accepted ideas of masculinity. Did go to college to get a business degree. As much as he loved his parents and his communal living, he still left home and moved to San DeLain. So, close to his parents. He is an only child.