Monday, May 7, 2012

Do you believe?

Hey guys! Since The Yellow Rope is finished I thought we'd spend a little time with Ziang and Shawn from Nighttime Wishes. There is a quiz that has to do with... what else, lol. Aliens!!!

* * * *

~The U.S. Air Force investigated UFO sightings under Project Blue Book. Of the 12,618 sightings reported between 1947 and 1969, how many are still "unidentified?"

Ziang: I did say we have been coming to Earth for a very long time.
*The answer is 10,000
* * * *
~In 1947, a man in Roswell, New Mexico, found foil reflectors, metallic sticks and other odd material in his...
His sheep pasture
His bedroom
Outdoor swimming pool

Ziang: Damn Roswell! Gods, more stuff got stirred up over that. And the government managed to cover all that up! I mean, they knew we had been there. 

*The answer is his sheep pasture

* * * *  

~Mysterious red lights hovering in formation over Phoenix, Ariz., in April 2008, turned out to be...

Flares attached to helium balloons
Four flying angles holding candles
The glow from alien spaceships

Ziang: *Snort* as Shawn likes to say—yeah, right. Flares attached to helium balloons? Does anyone really believe that?

*The answer is flares attached to helium balloons

* * * *  

~In 1957, in Levelland, Texas, UFO sightings were reported after residents said a glowing rocket-shaped object had caused... 
Their car engines to stall  
Temporary paralysis in those exposed 
Dogs across the small town to start barking.

Ziang: Okay, there is some truth to that. We have this
Shawn: Oh, you mean like the time I was eighteen and you siced that damn light on my dad’s new truck and it died out in the middle of nowhere? Something like that? Oh, oh, wait. It didn’t just die; right before it rolled to a stop the whole electric panel flipped out and lit up like a Christmas tree. Then, if I remember correctly, you spotlighted me with that pale blue light—
Ziang: Um, some haven’t read the book, Shawn.

Shawn: Oh. Oh yeah, sorry folks. 

*The answer is their car engines to stall.

* * * *  

~In the first reported incident of an alien abduction, a couple in the 1960s reported... 
Three glowing big-eyed aliens persuaded them to move to Texas
Being beamed up into a spaceship where aliens treated them to dinner  
Occupants of UFO chased them down and erased their memories 

Ziang: Good Gods, who came up with these answers? The first one I refused to even answer. Big-eyed aliens? Where did that come from? And we certainly didn’t treat anyone to dinner. And as far as chasing anyone down, don’t be ridiculous. We didn’t chase anyone, we took them. We only erase their memories if we returned them. 

Shawn: *glances at the tentacle petting his arm* Glowing big-eyed aliens? Boy, did they miss it on that one. And ah, E.T., you’re starting to sound a slight bit barbaric.
Ziang: *Glares at Shawn* You did not just call me by that silly nickname here, of all places! I am neither cute nor cuddly.
Shawn: No, but you’re sweet and soft to me with a little kink thrown in… mate. Love you. 

Ziang: *Tentacle nudges Shawn’s chin up while another wraps around his wrist* I love you, too. Just wait until I get you back to the ship… 

*The answer is occupants of UFO chased them down and erased their memories.

* * * *

Hope y’all enjoyed a peek into my newest book Nighttime Wishes. It’s available at Smashwords now. Amazon and All Romance will be coming this Friday, May 11th.