Friday, May 11, 2012

TGI Friday

Hey guys! Make sure to check out Cia's Stories, I’m over there with her today! Stop by and say hello.


I thought I’d talk about Nighttime Wishes that's been released at Smashwords and All Romance. The story is definitely science fiction, which is a favorite of mine. It was written with an anthology in mind. Of course, the farther I got into the story the clearer it became I wouldn't be able to stay under the maxium word count. That's what led me to submitting it to Romance First.
Combining non-humans and elements of space, world building, new societies and such fascinate me. While it is fun, it’s also tiring. The very same thing that’s so fun is also so time consuming, lol. When I wrote this story I had said I hadn’t done tentacles before, and after thinking about that I found I was wrong. There was a part in Ch12 of The Harvest that basically involved a toy that was controlled by the wearer and had tentacles. Duh, what was I thinking??? 
*Laugh* anyway it got me to thinking and researching. I hunted down a bunch of stories that had some sort of tentacle creature in it, and most were either man-made globs or aliens. There were some really good stories, too. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted a creature whose tentacles weren’t the focus. Sounds odd, right? I wanted mine to be more than just tentacles, let’s say that. 
I spent lots of time researching different alien looks. Luckily I watch that show Face Off, anyone know what I’m talking about? Now there’s a good place to get ideas and blend them to make your own alien. Then there’s my old friend Google, lol. I had my alien, Ziang, in mind, but I’m a visual learner; I needed to see something so I can reproduce it with words. This is actually something I do a lot. 
Then on to my human. Oh, my. He was such fun. I have to say the artist who did the cover for my eBook did a bang up job. She nailed the look of Shawn, perfectly. I think he’s really cute. Then there’s his sense of humor, lol. *wink* I didn’t have to spend as much time researching him—never do for humans; they’re just easier.
Of course, there are secondary characters: a bunch of old southern county farmers, a lonely sexy sheriff named Bryan who is the main character in the sequel Nighttime Dreams, and two FBI agents. One I’m calling Agent Asshole, lol. Bet y’all can guess why. 
That’s the why and how come I wrote this and the sequel. :)