Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dreamspinner Spins Me a Dream!

Priceless is under contract with Dreamspinner--signed, sealed and delivered. Yes, *grin* I stole that line from tali. What can I say, it's a good one! Oh my God, I am absolutely bouncing off the walls with excitment, lol. The release date is July/Aug 2012. Holy cow that's not far away, either!

I'm so happy to be working with them... happy and speechless. What a learning experience! When I got the email yesterday I screamed so loud Kitty-Kitty hauled butt out of the room, lol. Poor thing was sound asleep when I got the news. I also brought the hubby into the room at a dead run. *Blush* One male ran from me and the other one came running to me.


I'll post more as its get closer to the release date. Good Lord, I can't wait to see cover for this! LOL


Here's a short little blurp:

Sparks ignite when Cupid, the God of Love, takes aim at two lonely men in the City of Sin. Garrett, a jaded, cynical billionaire, is used to what his money and power can buy. His bottom dollar is of more interest to the men he dates than he himself. Life has taught him that innocence and love are figments of the imagination.
Randy, an average guy, comes to Vegas for a working vacation. Shy, a little hesitant, he stumbles across Garrett at a craps table, and time stands still as the God of Love lines up his golden arrows.
The road to love is more than gamble. Garrett has trust issues, and Randy fears he has fallen in love with a man who considers him nothing more than a weekend fling. The differences in their lifestyles become apparent as Garrett takes Randy on a whirlwind tour of Vegas, using his money to open doors. Garrett throws money around without a thought while Randy struggles to make him understand money can’t buy the one thing that is priceless… love.